Egyptian cat

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Noun1.Egyptian cat - a domestic cat of EgyptEgyptian cat - a domestic cat of Egypt    
domestic cat, Felis catus, Felis domesticus, house cat - any domesticated member of the genus Felis
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I took my first shot of an Egyptian cat cakewalking on the edge of an outdoor couch.
As Ana was reading the news, she catches an article talking about Soldier 76's heroic actions in Dorado, Mexico and dons a Egyptian cat mask to give hope to the Cairo people.
Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, Liverpool, 0151 478 4199 - Sat, 24 Nov Ancient Egypt - Haptic Handling Come and touch a Digital Touch Replica of an Ancient Egyptian cat sarcophagus to find out more about the object and its stories.
A bronze cat statue dedicated to an ancient Egyptian cat goddess Bastet, which was one of the 100 unearthed wooden cat statues.
During periods of her gruelling treatment, Claire was vulnerable to infection and therefore couldn't get close to Stubbsy which was heartbreaking, but her little man seemed to understand and just stayed at the end of her bed like ancient Egyptian cat statue.
Then Bastet the Egyptian Cat goddess, sitting in classic posture.
But lead author Dr Claudio Ottoni said: "It's still unclear whether the Egyptian cat descends from imported cats or whether a separate second domestication took place."
"For Christmas my kids bought me a giant speaker in the shape of an Egyptian cat so I can put my iPod in the top and play my music nice and loud," he says.
I'm constantly drawn to a small figure of an Egyptian cat in the British museum, the Gayer Anderson Cat.
There was a closet filled with Photonic antiquities, a small statue of the head of Nefertiti and a black statue of the Ancient Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet.
Here, among other objects, a mummified Egyptian cat is set alongside a dog-shaped speaker by the Dutch designer Sander Mulder and a cat photographed against a green screen by Elad Lassry.
In 60 BC, Siculus saw a Roman accidentally kill an Egyptian cat. An outraged mob gathered and, despite pleas from Pharaoh Ptolemy XII, killed the Roman.

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