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The study of the culture and artifacts of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

E·gyp′to·log′i·cal (ĭ-jĭp′tə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
E′gyp·tol′o·gist n.
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She had her own articles published and she is credited for collecting everything in the Griffiths' personal Egyptological library.
Egyptological amateurs Charles Wilbour, an American, and Rev.
I avidly read Kipchumba Some's feature titled, ''Genesis of Maasai Kalenjin bitter Conflict Over Land'' (Sunday Nation,30th September 2018)and would like to further shed more light on the origin of the institution of Orkoiyot or Oloibon in Kalenjin and Maasai respectively based on my Egyptological studies.
An Egyptological Approach (Library of Second Temple Studies 64), London-New York: T&T Clark, 2009.
Abydos: The Sacred Land at the Western Horizon is the focus of the Annual Egyptological Colloquium.
Gliddon had been part of a tradition (call it ethnological, biblical, scientific, egyptological and primarily European-American) that by 1837 had already been established in maintaining the anti-African civilizational notion.
DeMille and his creative team did not stop there, however, going beyond Judeo-Christian, Egyptological, historical and literary sources to craft the account of Moses and the Exodus.
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His second dissertation, a major work of 803 pages titled Maat, The Moral Ideal in Ancient Egypt: A Study in Classical African Ethics (submitted in 1996) was the most requested work from UMI out of 45,000 dissertations and theses worldwide in 1996, and thus, published as a book in 2002 to receive praise from the Africana Studies and Egyptological communities as a seminal and defining work which has opened up a valuable new dialog with ancient Egyptian thought and culture.