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n. Islam
1. The sacred dress of Muslim pilgrims, consisting of two lengths of white cotton, one wrapped around the loins, the other thrown over the left shoulder.
2. The state of ritual purity of Muslims in wearing this dress for pilgrimage or for other acts of worship, especially the daily worship.

[Arabic 'iḥrām, prohibition, ihram, infinitive of 'aḥrama, to enter the state of ihram, from ḥarama, to prohibit; see x̣rm in Semitic roots.]


(Islam) the customary white robes worn by Muslim pilgrims to Mecca, symbolizing a sacred or consecrated state
[C18: from Arabic ihrām, from harama he forbade]
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Iqbal the Nietzsche-inspired, 'Hindustan'-loving poet, who warned of devils clad in ehram was euthanised and returned as a staunchly Islamic partition theorist.
After concluding the stones throwing ritual, Hajj pilgrims are permitted to slaughter sheep, cut their hair, and head to the Kaaba to perform more rituals, which will allow them to shed of the Ehram (the Hajj cloth).
a right-handed person probably has a left hemispheric mathematical specialization and a left-handed person a right brain hemispheric specialization for music and artistic abilities [Knecht, 2000; Ira & Ehram, 2005]).
Taxila police recovered two liquor bottles from Ehram.