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Noun1.Ehrenberg - Russian novelist (1891-1967)
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Professor Ehrenberg [3] finds that this dust consists in great part of infusoria with siliceous shields, and of the siliceous tissue of plants.
"We are excited to bring the future of transportation to New York with Optimus Ride, and provide the 10,000 employees across the Yard and Brooklyn community with greater access to convenient mobility," said David Ehrenberg, President and CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation. 
Megan Sartor, Jason Borofsky, William Happe Jr., Melissa O’Shea, of the company’s New Jersey offices, and Stephen Ehrenberg promotions are effective Jan.
"This continues the progress that we've been making over the last bunch of years," David Ehrenberg, president and CEO of the Navy Yard, said.
IRD will supply and supervise the installation of the truck screening system at five locations throughout the state including Ehrenberg, Topock, Sanders, San Simon and Parker weigh stations.
Harold and Tina Ehrenberg found the Louisiana Lottery lotto ticket on Saturday last, while the drawing for the ticket was on June 6.
Facilities management is increasingly becoming a key part of business strategy, so FMs need to take that into consideration when vying for a new position or taking a stronger leadership role, explains Maureen Ehrenberg, President of Global Integrated Facilities Management for JLL, a commercial real estate services firm that offers facilities management.
"In the past, companies and investors focused mainly on the energy efficiency advantages of smart buildings," said Maureen Ehrenberg, executive managing director at Jones Lang LaSalle.
Elton's family, who are Jewish and had the original surname of Ehrenberg, fled Germany in the 1930s.
Foods containing genetically modified organisms have been on grocery store shelves for decades, with plenty of evidence that eating them is no more dangerous to health than eating conventional foods, Rachel Ehrenberg concluded in "GMOs under scrutiny" (SN: 2/6/16, p.