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 (âr′lĭKH), Paul 1854-1915.
German bacteriologist. He shared a 1908 Nobel Prize for discoveries in immunology, especially his work on antitoxins, and later developed a successful treatment for syphilis.


(German ˈeːrlɪç)
(Biography) Paul (paul). 1854–1915, German bacteriologist, noted for his pioneering work in immunology and chemotherapy and for his discovery of a remedy for syphilis: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1908


(ˈɛər lɪx, -lɪk)

Paul, 1854–1915, German bacteriologist.
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Noun1.Ehrlich - German bacteriologist who found a `magic bullet' to cure syphilis and was a pioneer in the study of immunology (1854-1915)Ehrlich - German bacteriologist who found a `magic bullet' to cure syphilis and was a pioneer in the study of immunology (1854-1915)
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