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interj.1.An exclamation expressing delight.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The time has gone by when any considerati on of distress to my own feelings can w eigh with me.
Eigh teen miles down the river you had to go behind him, and then three more along the coast to where a group of uninhabited rocky islets enclosed a shel tered anchorage.
in's ding eigh Familiar faces from the BritaiGot Talent hall of fame - includPaul Potts and dog act duo Ashleand Sully - will return.
EIGH Halfpenny rips his scrum cap off and slams it into the ground repeatedly.
t wh eigh Th hasht examp trope chucke dynam mean t Futu make r season camera Absu Talk of ure editions of the dictionary will room for sketches of King punting n tickets and Arfield pouting to a while saluting.
figure Mo eigh More than one in every eight of the 4,986 hospitalisations (566) last year were children.
going on all than not a (to going to give people at watching "to who eigh"If they are going to give a free-kick for the incident out wide then it's beyond belief that the goal stands." ony Pulis
The King will also lay the foundation stone for the second phase and several other industrial projects in the northeastern Tarif Governorate at a total cost of SR 30 billion (USD eigh billion), during his visit to the northern border region on Thursday.
Neil Young's side sealed the win three minutes from time as skipper Danny Mitchley hooked the ball across goal for substitute James Murray to fire home from eigh yards, as the Mariners claimed three much-needed points.
eigh"We've given them that connection through cricket - sport is the tool to bring them in and then we work on their life.
Based on the carrier's projections, over the next 10 years, it can increase its fleet size in Kota Kinabalu from the current eigh aircraft to 45, including 10 Airbus A330s.