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adv.1.As the eighth in order.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Eighthly, a tooth of a Pachydermatous animal, probably the same with the Macrauchenia, a huge beast with a long neck like a camel, which I shall also refer to again.
And eighthly, and last, I would retain ZUG and SCHLAG, with their pendants, and discard the rest of the vocabulary.
Eighthly, PM Oli's high superfluous high drama of having a tele-conference with his Cabinet, August 26, does tell that he is surrounded by shady persons with money spinning bend or those who are exploiting his personality for their political and personal benefits.
Eighthly, Nawaz's silence is because of his serious attention towards his unending cases.
Eighthly, extensive development has never been the top priority of successive governments resulting in mass illiteracy and poverty.
Eighthly, the establishment of civil mobile courts should be actualized and notification for the commencement of KP Civil Mobile Courts should be issued on urgent basis.
Also, the research on the application of Delone's IS success model on e-commerce is eighthly ranked in both methodologies [41].
Eighthly; have all the AU member states agreed during one or all of their summits; on the principle that, if any citizen revolt against his elected government, all of them as leaders of their respective member state; will to try to stop the rebellion through collective action or that, they would hold conferences after conferences in effort to reconcile the rebels with their government and failing to do that, gang up and crucify the leader of that Government for refusing to reconcile with the rebels fighting against his elected government?