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pl n
(Classical Myth & Legend) classical myth the goddesses of the seasons. Also called: the Hours
[Latin: hours]


(ˈhɔr i, ˈhoʊr i)

the ancient Greek goddesses of the seasons.
[< Latin Hōrae literally, hours]
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He delved into the history of religions, most directly in the installation Fihi Ma Fih (What Is in It, in It), first exhibited during the Second Istanbul Biennial in 1989 at the Hagia Eirene Museum, a Byzantine church inside the Topkapi Palace.
La concepcion de paz negativa proviene de la cultura occidental y se origina de la palabra griega eirene y la romana pax.
Standing for Parliament in East Flintshire in 1950, Eirene White had to explicitly tackle voters' doubts about her gender by pointing in election leaflets to her Oxford education and experience in journalism and the film industry.
Ademas, el primer intento de elaborar un codigo de etica de ambito europeo fue llevado a cabo en 1994, momento en que la Comision de las Comunidades Europeas da su apoyo a tres asociaciones, EUSIDIC (European Association of Information Services), EDA (European Information Industry Association) e EIRENE (European Information Researches Network) para la realizacion de un precepto de conducta para mediadores de informacion como parte del Programa IMPACT, trabajo que se realizo con la colaboracion de la School of information Studies de la University of central England de Birmingham (Perez Pulido, 2001, p.
Latvian violinist and conductor Kremer received his award at a ceremony at Istanbul's Hagia Eirene Museum.
Junto con Dike y Eirene era una de las tres Horas (transliteracion latina de la voz [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], Estaciones o Periodos), las cuales (.
11) It is as if the war, which started only recently, has not yet seriously threatened the city and, therefore, peace is not treated as an urgent or even necessary matter by the Prytaneis: eirene d' hopos estai protimos' ouden ("but about peace they do not care at all"; ll.
Eirene (Peace) and Ploutos (Wealth), the two deities that are also moral concepts, are the pair that poetically and pictorially best represent such a scenario of prosperity.
Although the Spartans nearly relinquished a seven-point lead in the third, they relied on several clutch shots from McCutchan and Mary Jo Scott (10 kills) and the scrappy defense of Tara Rallis (16 digs) and Eirene Kim (12 digs) to neutralize Elsinore's attack long enough to force a fourth game.
Graham, Eirene and their daughters Hannah, seven, Emily, five, and Abigail, two, clocked up 30,000 miles across 19 countries in a 10-month trip costing pounds 70,000.
Many names will be familiar like Patrick White, Nicholas Chevalier, Miles Franklin, Edna Walling's aunt Barbara Barnes at Canning Downs, Hardy Wilson, Eirene Mort, the Archer family in Queensland, Henry Gullett, George Lambert, Beatrice Bligh's garden Pejar Park, Nora Heysen and her father at Hahndorf South Australia, Elyne Mitchell, Fanny Bussell at the time of founding of Western Australia and Anna Maria Bunn.
Its GSM-R solution uses Automatic Frequency Correction (AFC) technology to detect and offset Doppler frequency with fast handover algorithms and is fully compliant with EIRENE specifications, enabling the interconnection of signalling systems.