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The company announced in July it now has new owners, Lift Air, from Eisenach, Germany.
1685: Composer Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach, Germany.
Eisenach, Germany 9/11/15 A memorial to the synagogue of Eisenach was desecrated with a swastika and antisemitic slogan.
Both models were originally recalled for a faulty part in the steering system, which was discovered during quality control inspections at Opel's plant in Eisenach, Germany.
Girsky, who is also head of the supervisory board of the German car maker, spoke at an event at Opel's facility in Eisenach, Germany.
The news follows General Motors' (GM) announcement on Friday that two of three shifts will be cancelled at a plant in Eisenach, Germany on Monday and Tuesday.
INDEPENDENCE DAY IN NAMIBIA 1685: Composer Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach, Germany.
Opel, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation (GM) (NYSE: GM), is in discussion with Germany-based Daimler AG (NYSE: DAI) (FWB: DAI), over the sale of an assembly plant in Eisenach, Germany, according to a source at GM.
Luck born in Eisenach, Germany and Catherine (Moylan) Luck born in Portumna, Ireland and had lived in Leominster, then moved to Ft.
The face will now go to the museum in Eisenach, Germany - Bach's birthplace.
Called Arboform, the resin is made by Tecnaro GmbH in Eisenach, Germany.
LaSorda created GM's plant in Eisenach, Germany, which became the template for the company's future factories containing flexible and lean manufacturing, incorporating some Japanese techniques.