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[brand (from its markings) + -ling.]


(Animals) a small red earthworm, Eisenia foetida (or Helodrilus foetidus), found in manure and used as bait by anglers
[C17: from brand + -ling1]


(ˈbrænd lɪŋ)

a small reddish brown earthworm, Eisenia foetida, having yellow markings, used as bait.
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Lambda-cyhalothrin, cadmium, and the neonicotinoid imidacloprid were tested in combination, and their toxic effects on earthworms of the species Eisenia fetida were analyzed.
The earthworms, Eisenia fetida, were procured from an earthworm bank (pit) in the micromodel complex, IIT Delhi where it has been cultured for the last 15 years.
Kompostinis sliekas Eisenia fetida del didelio paplitimo dirvozemio ekosistemose yra laikomas vienu is svarbiausiu dirvozemio organizmu del svarbaus poveikio mitybos grandines dalyviams, tarp ju ir zmogui (Morowati 2000).
Saint-Denis, Narbonne, Arnaud, and Ribera (2001) studied the activities of enzymes (catalase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione-S-transferase and glutathione reductase) involved in antioxidant defence systems in Eisenia fetida, which are mainly localized in the cytosolic fractions.
Eisenia fetida (commonly known as Tiger worm or manure worm)
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Perfil electroforetico y calidad microbiologica de la harina de lombriz Eisenia fetida.
Stable isotope natural abundances (d13C and d15N) of the earthworm Eisenia fetida and other soil fauna living in two different vermicomposting environments.
Eisenia fetida (Savigny, 1826) and Eisenia andrei Bouche, 1972 have become cosmopolitan earthworm species because of their worldwide use in ecotoxicological testing and vermicomposting.