El Mansura

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El Man·su·ra

A city of northern Egypt on a branch of the Nile River. It is a commercial and industrial center.

El Mansûra

(ɛl mænˈsʊərə) or

Al Mansûrah

(Placename) a city in NE Egypt: scene of a battle (1250) in which the Crusaders were defeated by the Mamelukes and Louis IX of France was captured; cotton-manufacturing centre. Pop: 423 000 (2005 est)

El Man•su•ra

(ˌɛl mænˈsʊər ə)
a city in NE Egypt, in the Nile delta: scene of the defeat of the Crusaders 1250 and the capture of Louis IX by the Mamelukes. 358,000. Also called Mansura.