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a.1.Serving or tending to elaborate; constructing with labor and minute attention to details.
Elaborative faculty
(Metaph.) the intellectual power of discerning relations and of viewing objects by means of, or in, relations; the discursive faculty; thought.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In summary, the pattern that emerges across these three studies is that the distributed-random schedule, which allows participants to make elaborative comparisons among the target aircraft, results in superior performance.
The report also provides an elaborative market segmentation and macroeconomic indicators for key geographical markets and untapped economies.
Chapter 3: North America Dental Lasers Market Analysis This section provides elaborative analysis of dental lasers market growth in North America along with country-wise assessment that include the U.S.
They were given an elaborative explanation especially on provisions of the UAE labour law, which guarantee workers' rights and the relationship with their employers.
He added that no effort would be spared in finalizing elaborative arrangements to facilitate the people and players.
Dr Gjin Ndrepepa from the Technical University, Munich, Germany, describes the research as an "important and elaborative study which helps to uncover the intricate relationship between psychological distress and cardiovascular disease.
This report presents an elaborative study on the market and details the consumption patterns of baby food in China.
However, the CTO has also been directed to make elaborative arrangements for maintaining smooth flow of traffic.
The menu features Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Pre-fixe meals along with elaborative A' la carte menu with Indian flavors.
For example, performance on the Johnson quotation in Table 1 was assessed by a question on elaborative rehearsal.