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a.1.Serving or tending to elaborate; constructing with labor and minute attention to details.
Elaborative faculty
(Metaph.) the intellectual power of discerning relations and of viewing objects by means of, or in, relations; the discursive faculty; thought.
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We have an elaborative team with the Bank of Industry with a semi-hub, which is private hub and all private sector entities to run a presidential technology innovation challenge in all Nigerian universities-public and private, and also some polytechnics in April of this year.
Summary: The educational lecture provided an elaborative explanation, especially on provisions of the UAE labour law which guarantee workers' rights.
To be more elaborative it indicates that our mind changes with the impact of some dreary situations but festivals of India illuminates our mind to a new dimension.
However, this study is concerned with the fact that they generally investigated all relations, taxis and logico-semantic, hence paying little key attention to the elaborative function of the conjunctive form.
He added that no effort would be spared in finalizing elaborative arrangements to facilitate the people and players.
The characteristics of divergent thinkers include thought processes that are more fluent, varied, flexible, original, and elaborative (Kraft, 2005).
The collection is inspired by the Inlay Work of Rajasthan which has elaborative motifs, cutwork, lavish colours and heaving detailing.
In contrast, elaborative rehearsal involves giving the information meaning and associating it with other information.
Maintenance rehearsal involves repeating information over and over, while elaborative rehearsal involves the processing of the meaning of information during each repetition.
The Elaborative Processing scale assesses the ability to restate and reorganize information in relation to one's own experiences.
However, Johansen and Schanke (2012) put forward an elaborative concept of entrepreneurship education and said that it is the promotion of different entrepreneurial capabilities, personal qualities of students and their attitude towards innovation, creativity, enthusiasm to overcome risk, and develop self-competence and social skills.
61607; PHP programming does not require elaborative aptitudes, as it's anything but difficult to learn and begin using the programming apparatuses while making the electronic applications.