Elaeis oleifera

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Noun1.Elaeis oleifera - palm of Central and South AmericaElaeis oleifera - palm of Central and South America  
oil palm - pinnate-leaved palms of the genus Elaeis having dense clusters of crowded flowers and bright red fruit and yielding high quality palm oils
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O Caiaue, popularmente, conhecido como palma-de-oleo-americana (Elaeis oleifera (Kunth), Cortes), originario da Amazonia, e importante fonte de variabilidade para o melhoramento genetico do dende e foi incorporado em programas de melhoramento (MEUNIER, 1975; MORETZSOHN et al.,
Strategus aloeus feeds on members of Areeaeeae family such as Bactris gasipaes Kunth, Cocos nucifera (L.), Copernicia cerifera (Mart.), Elaeis oleifera (Kunth) and Phoenix dactylifera (L.) (Ratcliffe 1976; Genty et al.
Other breeding methods involve the achievement of intra-specific backcrosses and interspecific crosses with Elaeis oleifera. The characteristics of interest that presents American oil palm are the low rate of height growth, the high unsaturated oil and the resistance to diseases such as Fusarium (WAHID et al., 2005).
Comments: Premier Palmier Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil from the American Species (Elaeis Oleifera) is harvested and produced in Central America.
In addition, debris from the sheath and petioles of two palms of Elaeis oleifera (Kunth) was examined for presence of insect specimens.
(1999, Elaeis oleifera); Montufar (2007, Oenocarpus bataua).
Most endocarps are found fragmented; this can be the result of intentional cracking for extracting the seed (as in Attalea) or of a relatively thin endocarp (as in Elaeis oleifera or Bactris gasipaes).