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n.1.(Chem.) A salt of elaidic acid.
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15 phytochemicals including 5 fatty acids, methyl iso-pentadecanoate (37), methyl pentadecylate (40), isopropyl myristate (41), methyl elaidate (56), and 9Z,12E-Octadecadienoic acid ME (60); 2 fatty aldehydes, nonanal (16) and 2E-decenal (20); 2 fatty alcohols, lignocerol (68) and pentacosyl alcohol (73); 4 isoprenoids, phytane (36), iso-phytol (42), hexahydrofarnesyl acetone (43), and E-phytol (57), and 2 phytosteroids, O-Sitosterol (79) and fucosterol (81) were identified for the first time from S.
9E-Octadecenoic acid ME (methyl elaidate) (56)###0.15###-###-###-###2.15###4.02###2107###2105###38
Interestingly, the trans-fatty acid elaidate was found to increase the expression of SLC39A10 and increase intracellular zinc levels in human macrophages [40], which also indicates the importance of Slc39a10 in zinc homeostasis in macrophages.
Croix et al., "Elaidate, an 18-carbon trans-monoenoic fatty acid, but not physiological fatty acids increases intracellular Zn(2+) in human macrophages," Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, vol.
Brinker, "Unusual hydrocarbon chain packing mode and modification of crystallite growth habit in the self-assembled nanocomposites zinc-aluminum-hydroxide oleate and elaidate (cis- and trans- [Zn2Al(OH)6(CH 3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2) 7COO-)] and magnesium analogues," Chemistry of Materials, vol.
Therefore, to quantify trans fatty acid was taken as parameter the elaidate fatty acid "C18:1t" (purity [greater than or equal to] 99%, Sigma-Aldrich).
cis-/trans-Linoleic acid methyl ester mix (Catalog number 47791), linolenic acid methyl ester isomer mix (Catalog number 47792), trans-6-octadecenoic methyl ester (Catalog number 47199), methyl elaidate (Catalog number 45119-1mL), and trans-11-octadecenoic methyl ester (Catalog number 46905-U) were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (St.
Para isso, foi utilizado padroes da Sigma Aldrich - USA: E4762 Methyl elaidate, L2251 Methyl linoelaidate, V1381 trans-vaccenic acid methyl ester, O4754 Oleic acid methyl ester e Supelco 37 de mistura Fame 1X1ml CH2CL2.