a.1.Relating to oleic acid, or elaine.
Elaidic acid
(Chem.) a fatty acid isomeric with oleic acid, and obtained from it by the action of nitrous acid.
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Triolein is an oleic acid triglyceride containing only cis double bonds, and trielaidin is an elaidic acid triglyceride containing only trans double bonds.
48%, 33%), respectively, followed by elaidic acid, oleic acid and palmitic acid.
The levels of transvaccenic acid, a rumenic acid-precursor, paralleled those of rumenic acid, whereas the opposite happened with those of elaidic acid, whose levels are often high in partially hydrogenated fats.
CDC studied four major TFAs to provide a reasonable representation of TFAs in blood: elaidic acid, linoelaidic acid, palmitelaidic acid, and vaccenic acid.
15) Most human experiments have been conducted with trans 9, 18:1, called elaidic acid.
Coupling to elaidic acid improves the bioavailability of the agent without impeding its epigenetic effect," explained project leader Frank Lyko.
The cis-and trans-C18:1 have identical molecular weights and principal ion fragments, and so they were verified using isolated oleic (cis-C18:1) and elaidic (trans-C18:1) acids (Figure 1, B).
Twenty potential biomarkers, including L-acetylcarnitine (1), propionylcarnitine (2), unknown (3), phytosphingosine (4), glycoursodeoxycholic acid (5), LPC(14:0) (6), sphinganine (7), LPC(20:5) (8), LPC(16:1) (9), LPC(18:2) (10), LPC(18:3) (11), LPC(22:5) (12), LPC(16:0) (13), LPC(18:1) (14), LPC(22:4) (15), LPC(17:0) (16), LPC(20:2) (17), elaidic carnitine (18), LPC(18:0) (19) and LPC(20:1) (20), were identified by their accurate mass and MSE spectra.
B-oxidation of the coenzyme a esters of vaccenic, elaidic and petroselaidic acids by rat heart mitochondria.
This drug, elacytarabine, is a novel elaidic acid derivative of cytarabine and currently undergoing the CLAVELA phase III study for treatment of patients with relapsed/refractory AML.
The duodenal flow of C16:0, C18:0, oleic, elaidic (C18:1 n9,t), linoleic (C18:2 n6,c), linolenic, total SFA, and total UFA was affected by lipid sources (p<0.
Two of the newest DNMTIs consist of S110 which is caused by the release of intracellular decitabine (Yoo, 2007) and CP-4200 azacytidine changes elaidic acid is obtained from (Brueckner, 2010), the impact of high temozolomide in different cell lines and mouse models have been shown and they are waiting for clinical research.