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Noun1.Elapidae - cobras; kraits; mambas; coral snakes; Australian taipan and tiger snakes
reptile family - a family of reptiles
elapid, elapid snake - any of numerous venomous fanged snakes of warmer parts of both hemispheres
genus Micrurus, Micrurus - coral snakes
Aspidelaps, genus Aspidelaps - African coral snakes
genus Rhynchoelaps, Rhynchoelaps - Australian coral snakes
Denisonia, genus Denisonia - copperheads
genus Naja, Naja - cobras
Acanthophis, genus Acanthophis - Australian elapid snakes
genus Notechis, Notechis - tiger snakes
genus Pseudechis, Pseudechis - venomous Australian blacksnakes
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Elapidae Naja is the scientific name for which snake?
Elapidae (including cobras, kraits, and all Australian venomous snakes), Lamprophiidae (subfamily Atractaspidinae: burrowing asps), and Colubridae (a large family in which most species are nonvenomous and only a few are dangerously toxic to humans).
The name cobra references several species of snakes, most of which are in the venomous snake family Elapidae," Sara Viernum, a herpetologist, told (https://www.
A microbiological study of the oral cavity often different snake species belonging to the families Boidae, Colubridae, Elapidae and Viperidae, identified the bacteria Actinomyces sp.
There are about 3000 species of snakes, about 500 belong to three families of venomous snakes called elapidae, viperidae, and hydropidae.
Cheloniidae, Dermochelyidae, Emydidae, Testudinidae, Trionychidae, Crocodylidae, Gavialidae, Agamidae, Chameleonidae, Eublepharidae, Gekkonidae, Lacertidae, Scincidae, Uromastycidae, Varanidae, Leptotyphlopidae, Typhlopidae, Boidae, Colubridae, Elapidae, Hydrophiidae, Viperidae and Crotalidae (Khan, 2004, 2006).
De estas, 49 son de importancia clinica para el hombre y se encuentran distribuidas en todo el territorio nacional, conforman dos tipos de familias: Viperidae y Elapidae, 9 generos y una especie marina llamada Pelamis Platurus (6,15,16).
The Micrurus mipartitus coral snake belongs to the Elapidae family, characterized by the most toxic venoms among all terrestrial snakes, and consists of two subfamilies--elapidae and hydrophinae, the first one represented in America by the poisonous coral snakes of the Micrurus genus.
Finalmente, los reptiles representan el grupo con menor incidencia de atropellos, con 58 registros correspondientes unicamente a serpientes; se identificaron 9 especies, pertenecientes a las familias Colubridae, Viperidae y Elapidae.
Among the Elapidae, bites by Naja naja and Naja kaouthia can cause significant local swelling and sometimes extensive tissue necrosis of the bitten limb, whereas bites by kraits or sea snakes do not usually cause signs of local envenoming and can be virtually painless.
Viperidae Oscaecilia Theraphosidae zweifeli Siphonops hardyi Chelidae Plethodontidae Bolitoglossa Colubridae altamazonica Bolitoglossa Colubridae gaaramacalensis Bolitoglossa Mantidae rafescens Amphisbaenidae Amphisbaena dubia Amphisbaena Elapidae microcephalum Amphisbaena sp.
They are grouped into Cortalidae Viperidae Elapidae and Hydrophidae families (Matsui et al.