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n.1.(Paleon.) An extinct, long-necked, marine, cretaceous reptile from Kansas, allied to Plesiosaurus.
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10The Elasmosaurus are known for their extremely long necks, which contained up to 75 vertebrae.
He ventured that the creature could only have been an Elasmosaurus, a subspecies of long-necked dinosaurs that roamed the earth 80 million years ago.
Researchers from the Dead Sea and Arava Science Center found tooth and jaw fragments, broken limbs, fins and vertebrae of the Elasmosaurus (Elasmosaurid) reptile that lived 85 million years ago.
They're unlike anything you own: on one men's polo an ostrich, a frog and an Elasmosaurus battle the currents of some kind of watery vortex.
The featured creatures include the Liopleurodon, gigantic Shonisaurus and long-necked Elasmosaurus.
Seguimos con la familia Plesiosauridae, una de las dos que tuvieron gran exito en los mares del Jurasico; esta, a su vez, se divide en dos grupos: los Plesiosauridos--cabeza pequena y cuello largo--como el Plesiosaurus, Cryptoclidus, Muraenosaurus y el Elasmosaurus, y los Pliosauridos--cabezas enormes y cuellos cortos--, que comprende al Macroplatasaurus, Kronosaurus, Peloneustes y el animal que se pelea en tamano con los sauropodos, el Liopleurodon.