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In an instant I had caught him round the waist, and held him up while Holmes and Pycroft untied the elastic bands which had disappeared between the livid creases of skin.
She had her work under her arm in a substantial parcel, and when Anne asked her to stay she promptly took off her capacious sun-hat, which had been held on her head, despite irreverent September breezes, by a tight elastic band under her hard little knob of fair hair.
An elastic band intended to keep a woman from coming out of her stockings and desolating the country.
ECO warrior Paul Brown has collected 10,000 elastic bands dropped by posties - and now wants to see them fined for littering.
RECENTLY my wife and I went for a walk out of our housing estate and within just a few minutes we were counting elastic bands on the pavement, in the gutter, on top of drains, on the grass and on the road.
Like elastic bands, these relationships tend to put a limit on trends and hold the market in shape; they also provide asset allocators with useful intellectual anchors amid the noise and uncertainty.
The literature describes bone loss and mobility resulted from orthodontic elastic bands along the roots [10-17].
Benefits include: two elastic bands for enhanced fit and coverage, easy donning and doffing and bulk packaging availability.
CREATIVE kids used elastic bands and dowling rods to construct a theatre large enough for them to fit inside!
THIS is an easy and fun idea from the Royal Horticultural Society (it will even help in the garden by tidying up all the broken or fallen twigs!) | What you'll need: A clean, empty gravy granules pot or similar; lots of small twigs; scissors; elastic bands; paper; glue; raffia or ribbon.
Choose twigs that are just a bit longer than the empty pot and put them underneath the elastic bands so that they hold them in place.