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yel·low fibers

n. fibras amarillas. V.: elastic fibers.
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The trachea, as well as the tracheal bronchi and main bronchi of boto and tucuxi, presented elastic fibers in its fibrous adventitial tunica (Fig.
Talking to reporter, she said that cigarette smoke also stimulates the inflammatory cells to release elastics, an enzyme that breaks down the elastic fibers in lung tissue
After automated tissue processing and cutting procedures, all sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E), Masson's trichrome (to evaluate amount of collagen bundles in TA and trabecular wall, which are stained with a blue colour, and proportion of smooth muscle cells in same areas, which are stained with a red colour), and Verhoeff-Van Gieson (to evaluate amount of elastic fibers in subsinusoidal areas of TA and trabecular wall, and subcutaneous connective tissue) methods.
Aldehyde-fuchsin stain revealed that specimens from lesion 1 and from perilesion 3 showed fragmented and rarefied elastic fibers in the dermis, but only mild alterations in lesion 3 except for evident decrease of dermis and subcutaneous tissue.
The lesions range up to 20 cm, showing a histologic mixture of heavy, dense bands of collagenous tissue dissected by fat and abnormal elastic fibers (figure 1).
Viscoelasticity of the vessel wall: the roll of collagen and elastic fibers.
Rashid Ahmed Khan, Head of Pulmonology Department, Liaqat University of Medicine and Health Sciences (LUMHS) informed that cigarette smoke also stimulates the inflammatory cells to release elastics, an enzyme that breaks down the elastic fibers in lung tissue.
14) Hence, they proposed a set of diagnostic criteria for a diagnosis of PPFE, the criteria comprising the presence of multilobar subpleural and/or centrilobular fibrous interstitial pneumonia characterized by more than 80% proliferation of elastic fibers in the nonatelectatic lung in association with absent to scant chronic inflammation and no or rare granulomas.
The topics include the assembly and properties of elastic fibers, the biomolecular regulation of elastic matrix regeneration and repair, scaffold and biomechanical transductive approaches to elastic tissue engineering, sourcing and manipulating stem cells for elastin regeneration applications, and regulating elastogenesis using proteoglycans.
LysSun repairs imbalances caused by sunlight and restores the production of functional elastic fibers to help skin regain a youthful appearance.
In contrast to other perforating disorders, the extruded material is predominantly keratin rather than elastic fibers or collagen.
The specific technology that we are using is elastic fibers in between the nonwoven layers that resembled small pockets containing the SAP.