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This method not only can solve the Mindlin rectangular plates with classical boundary conditions but also can solve plates with the elastical supports.
When simulating the isotropic consolidation initial stress state, the same problem occurs like the Original Cam-Clay model; (2) when unloading, hardening along [K.sub.0] line may induce smaller elastical zone and greater plastical strains compared with practice situation.
In the last case (with external mass of 2.5 kg), although the weight of moving elements (6 roads, 3 driving motors and the mobil platform) totalizes 3.11 kg for 20 mm roads' diameter (Table), unlike 1.16 kg for the 10 mm roads'diameter, the dynamic responses of the robot with elastical elements highlight a much better working behaviour in the case with 20 mm roads' diameter (Fig.
Both the rod and mold are aluminum and assumed to behave in a linear elastical manner.
They show good creep resistance, good attenuation properties and a high elastical transfer to reserve.