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TREATMENT: You should get away with strong Elastoplast strapping, but complete ruptures require surgical repair and a plaster cast.
The makers of Elastoplast are about to start gearing their manufacturing plant to producing the new dressing following successful trials last year.
I always assumed that the Patent Office would slam the door and not answer the bell if it spotted anyone whom it did not recognise walking up the steps with a brown paper pac kage under their arm, and who didn't have a shock of grey hair that looked as if it had been plugged into the mains, also glasses held together by Elastoplast.
This is 12 years - we are not going to let a cut finger spoil years of training, if it happened to my mother she would just stick an Elastoplast on it.
I must mention that I did particularly like the way in which the Elastoplast packet has only one plaster left, and it is the large odd-shaped one which is meant to fit inbetween toes.
AS the simmering tensions between Tony Blair and his chancellor Gordon Brown threaten to explode into all-out war, arch Brownite Nick Brown (no relation) has been sporting a large Elastoplast across his forehead.
Then they tell you they might be able to patch it temporarily, as if the liberal application of Elastoplast will somehow do the trick.
When you next go to a football match, buy some Elastoplast and put it across your mouth - you can see but keep your mouth shut.
I did a Labour campaign show with Liz in Manchester where I played her famous husband Jack with the Elastoplast around the corners of my eyeglasses holding them together.
If you have a blood test, then forget to take the Elastoplast off your arm straight away?
I have been fortunate to have worked in organisations where people & talent have been at the heart of the business & crucially of the business decision making process - not, as can be the case, the Elastoplast when things have gone wrong.
anoraks, the best thing I can say about them is they are not quite as bad as the Elastoplast collection Kanye gave us this time last year.