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(eɪˈlɑːt) or


(Placename) variant spellings of Eilat


or Ei•lat


a seaport at the N tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, in S Israel: resort. 19,600.
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Rob Elat, of Peace and Loaf, won Chef of the Year at the NECTA Awards Chris Greenwood
Table 2 Carbonate production on lagoon and reef flats worldwide; only studies in which entire populations of large benthic foraminifera present in samples were assessed were included Reef Type/ Sea Lagoon Site Latitude * Worldwide Reef Flat Worldwide NA Lagoon Worldwide NA North Pacific Lagoon Palau 7[degrees]N Reef Palau 7[degrees]N Reef Majuro Atoll, 7[degrees]N Marshall Islands Reef Kailua Bay, Hawaii 21[degrees]N Reef O'ahu, Hawaii 21[degrees]N Lagoon Irabu/Shimoji 25[degrees]N Islands, Japan Reef Sesoko Island, 27[degrees]N Japan Lagoon Sesoko Island, 27[degrees]N Japan South Pacific Reef Warraber Island, 10[degrees]S Torres Strait Reef Raine Reef, GBR ITS Reef Green Island, GBR I6[degrees]S Reef One Tree Island, 23[degrees]S GBR Reef Elat 29[degrees]N CaC[O.
Patriarch Rahi's words came last night at the end of his pastoral visit to the region of Akkar, whereby the last two legs of his tour were in the towns of Elat and Sheikh Taba.
On the other h and, Radio Israel quoted Israeli military sources as saying that two powerful blasts were heard in the city of Elat in southern Israel last night and that the source of the blast could be "Grad" missiles launched from Sinai.
detail eLAT (exploratory learning analytics toolkit).
10 through April 6, 2013, stopping at Safaga, Egypt; Elat, Israel; Aqaba, Jordan; and Sokhna Port, Egypt.
MSC Armonia is offering weekly roundtrip seven-night cruises from November 10, 2012, to April 6, 2013, each stopping at Safaga, Egypt; Elat, Israel; Aqaba, Jordan; and Sokhna Port, Egypt.
The Israeli army and agencies accused Essam Al Batsh through their official website of planning a military operation in Elat in 2007.
Examples of locative forms in Agul and Xuduc Dargwa (oblique) localization orientation nominal stem Agul dar-a- 1- as tree-OBL- SUPER- ELAT '(to fall down) from the tree' Xuduc Dargwa k:ark:a-l- s:u- rka tree-OBL- APUD- ELAT '(to move away) from the tree' Table 2.
Les 'demarches' les plus decisive de ma vie ont toujours etc accomplies dans un elat de transe qui seul me permettait d'agir envers et contre toute entrave (lucidite, faiblesse physique, etc.
Abbreviations used in this paper and not standardized in the Leipzig Glossing Rules: act active voice, conn connector, elat elative case, ess essive case, lk linker, spec specifier