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 (ĕl-bro͞os′), Mount
A peak, 5,643 m (18,513 ft) high, in the Caucasus Mountains of southwest Russia near the border of Georgia. It is the highest elevation in Europe.


(Placename) a mountain in SW Russia, on the border with Georgia, in the Caucasus Mountains, with two extinct volcanic peaks: the highest mountain in Europe. Height: 5642 m (18 510 ft)



a mountain in the S Russian Federation in Europe, in the Caucasus: highest peak in Europe, 18,465 ft. (5628 m).
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Only until 2021 in the development plans the construction of at least 21 ski slopes and 11 lifts, as well as other related infrastructure at the resorts of Arkhyz, Elbrus and Veduchi.
MOSCOW, Feb 14 (KUNA) -- Chechen activists hoisted on Wednesday Kuwait Flag atop a peak of the Elbrus Mountain in the Caucasus manifesting their participation with the Kuwaiti people in celebrating the annual national and liberation days.
Before Mt Vinson, different teams of the IAF had summited Mt Everest (Asia), Mt Carstenz Pyramid (Indonesia- Australisa continent), Mt Elbrus (Russia-Europe), Mt Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mt Aconcagua (Argentina-South America), Mt McKinley/Denali (Alaska-North America) over the last two decades.
The Syrian army is still using Scud missiles developed during the Soviet era under the name of Elbrus with a range of almost 300km.
To say "thank you" to the workers in the UAE, we climbed Mount Elbrus in Russia, the highest peak in Europe.
I undertook the mission to honor Saudi martyrs who have laid their lives down for the Kingdom," he said after reaching the summits of Mount Elbrus in Russia and Toubkal in Morocco recently.
Abdulla Fakhro, 36, and a group of friends reached the summit of Mount Elbrus as part of the eight-day expedition that started on July 31.
If he succeeds, he will have climbed the highest mountains on all seven continents after previously getting to the top of Everest (Asia), Kilimanjaro (Africa) and Mount Elbrus (Europe).
It involves reaching the top of mountains that include Mount Everest in Asia, the peak of which is 8,848m above sea level; Mount Aconcagua in South America, which rises 6,962m above sea level; Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa (5,895m), Mount Elbrus in Europe (5,642m); Vinson Massif in Antarctica (4,897m), Mount Kosciusko in Australia (2,228m), and Denali in Alaska, North America (6,190m).
He previously climbed to the summits of Mount Elbrus, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount McKinley, and Mount Aconcagua.
Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in which mountain range?
LSE: MAIL) has sold 100% of HeadHunter shares to an investor consortium led by Russian private equity firm Elbrus Capital for RUR 10bn (USD 130m), the company said.