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 (ē′lē-ə) also Ve·li·a (vē′lē-ə)
An ancient Greek colony of southern Italy near the Gulf of Salerno. Reputedly founded by Xenophanes, it was the center of the Eleatic school of philosophy.


(Placename) (in ancient Italy) a Greek colony on the Tyrrhenian coast of Lucana


(ˈi li ə)

an ancient Greek city in SW Italy, on the coast of Lucania.
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I like the combination of outstanding golf and meticulous attention to detail in the Elea Estate that takes me beyond all kinds of pressure and the frantic pace of modern life.
En las lineas iniciales, Teodoro anuncia a Socrates que lo acompana un extranjero originario de Elea y le aclara que "aunque diferente de los companeros de Parmenides y de Zenon; este hombre, no obstante, es todo un filosofo" (216a3-4) (7).
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Comparing "all the lines" making up one shape with "all the lines" of another shape requires comparing infinity with infinity, which had been considered mathematically off-limits since the days of Zeno of Elea in the fifth century BCE.
Other projects presented at the summit include the Makronisos Marina, Lord Byron Tower, Sandarosa Tower, Neapolis Eco City in Paphos, Vasa Gold Resort, Macedonitissa States, Pafilia Tower and Limassol Landmark, St Elizabeth Gold Resort, Elea Estates, Pavilion Business Center and the Delmar in Limassol.
Um panorama da midia-educacao no Brasil, Portugal e Espanha; Iliana Elea (Ed.
Beloved wife of the late Arthur, loving and adored mother of Wensley, Julie, Susan and the late Allan, much loved nan of Stuart, Tracy, Sara, dearly loved great-nan of Charlotte, Bradley, Jessica and Charlie and a great great-nan to Elea and Ella.
sca wa orc to anThrel spi on tio eleA win Tee of wa ma And Karanka - who is quickly nning hearts and minds on esside with the searing honesty his post-match assessments - as the first to acknowledge that arked disconnect.
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Staying at the three-star Elea Beach Hotel in Dassia on a half board basis, flying London Gatwick on August 16.
Zeno of Elea, who taught that Achilles would never catch up with the tortoise, would have nodded in agreement could he have seen these paintings.
The consortium involves researchers from the public and private sector, including the Quilmes National University, the Angel Roffo Institute of Oncology, the Garrahan Pediatric Hospital, CONICET, Buenos Aires University, the Centre of Molecular Immunology in Cuba, and the Argentinian pharmaceutical company Elea Laboratories.