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Noun1.Eleanor Roosevelt - wife of Franklin Roosevelt and a strong advocate of human rights (1884-1962)Eleanor Roosevelt - wife of Franklin Roosevelt and a strong advocate of human rights (1884-1962)
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AaAaAeA{AaAaAeAo Anna Ele Roosevelt or better known as Eleanor Roosevelt was the American First Lady, wife of President Franklin D.
But history buffs regardless of political perspectives and affiliations journey to this town in Dutchess County to visit the National Park Service administrated, Franklin Delano Roosevelt home, Presidential Library and Museum, and the nearby Val-Kill, to learn about Eleanor Roosevelt and her husband Franklin, the 32nd President of the United States.
Admired and beloved, scorned and reviled, influential, controversial, and timeless, Eleanor Roosevelt changed history.
Originally written in the midst of the Great Depression, It's Up to the Women is an advice guide by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.
The relationship between Lorena Hickok and Eleanor Roosevelt is poignantly explored in this intelligent love story with historical roots.
Embassy Islamabad Counselor for Public Affairs, Christina Tomlinson here on Wednesday inaugurated the Eleanor Roosevelt Corner located in the University's Central Library.
First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt attempted to stop circulation of army posters featuring the actress, believing Stewart's girl-next-door look would stir up homesickness in the troops overseas.
It continues the story of Jack's home town Norvelt, one of many New Deal communities established by, and named after, Eleanor Roosevelt.
Eleanor Roosevelt is the favorite among all the First Ladies in American history, according to a new poll.
16 ( ANI ): Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt has been named the top-ranked First Lady in the US' history, according to a new poll.
British historian Charlotte Waterlow, author of The Hinge of History, told me that When the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights was being drafted, Eleanor Roosevelt, who was a delegate to the commission that wrote the United Nations Charter, personally intervened to block all references to God in order to make the declaration acceptable to communist nations.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute in the Hague has chosen Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Dr Hussein al-Shahristani, to score the "Prize of Freedom from Fear," according to a statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday.