Eleanor of Aquitaine

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El·ea·nor of Aquitaine

 (ĕl′ə-nər, -nôr′) 1122?-1204.
Queen of France (1137-1152) and England (1152-1204). Her marriage to Louis VII of France was annulled in 1152, and shortly afterward she married Henry II of England.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

(ˈɛlɪnə; -ˌnɔː)
(Biography) ?1122–1204, queen of France (1137–52) by her marriage to Louis VII and queen of England (1154–89) by her marriage to Henry II; mother of the English kings Richard I and John

El′ea•nor of Aq′uitaine

(ˈɛl ə nər, -ˌnɔr)
1122?–1204, queen of Louis VII of France 1137–52; queen of Henry II of England 1154–89.
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Noun1.Eleanor of Aquitaine - queen of France as the wife of Louis VII; that marriage was annulled in 1152 and she then married Henry II and became Queen of England (1122-1204)