Eleanor of Aquitaine

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El·ea·nor of Aquitaine

 (ĕl′ə-nər, -nôr′) 1122?-1204.
Queen of France (1137-1152) and England (1152-1204). Her marriage to Louis VII of France was annulled in 1152, and shortly afterward she married Henry II of England.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

(ˈɛlɪnə; -ˌnɔː)
(Biography) ?1122–1204, queen of France (1137–52) by her marriage to Louis VII and queen of England (1154–89) by her marriage to Henry II; mother of the English kings Richard I and John

El′ea•nor of Aq′uitaine

(ˈɛl ə nər, -ˌnɔr)
1122?–1204, queen of Louis VII of France 1137–52; queen of Henry II of England 1154–89.
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Noun1.Eleanor of Aquitaine - queen of France as the wife of Louis VII; that marriage was annulled in 1152 and she then married Henry II and became Queen of England (1122-1204)
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1157: King Richard I was born in Oxford, third son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine.
Later, in Montpelier, Zabel becomes a confidant of Eleanor of Aquitaine.
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In the third and final book, history tells us that King Richard was held for ransom after the Crusades, and Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Queen Mother, and her other son, the evil Prince John, force the poverty-stricken English population to come up with the money.
Thus, within the context of this kingdom, queens--like Eleanor of Aquitaine and her later granddaughters Blanche of Castile, Queen of France, and Berenguela, Queen of Castile and Leon--reinforced their power and authority through familial kinship with their husbands or sons.
Two hundred years later, Eleanor of Aquitaine had 2,500 pounds of violets crushed to make 1 pound of violet attar.
A Catherine the Great B Marie Antoinette C Mary Tudor D Eleanor of Aquitaine QUESTION 6 - for 6 points: What was the name of the filly in the book by Mary O'Hara?
In the legends, Arthur is more than simply a warrior king: he is the symbol and perfect expression of a world of chivalry that is also a world governed by the principles of courtly behavior that new ideology imported from the South of France by the Troubadours who accompanied Eleanor of Aquitaine on the occasion of her two successive marriages.
Robert Lindsay ("Me and My Girl," "Wimbledon') and Lumley play the aging Henry II of England and his estranged wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, whom he's locked in a tower for the past decade while he canoodles with his son's lovely fiancee, Alais (Sonya Cassidy).