Eleanor of Aquitaine

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El·ea·nor of Aquitaine

 (ĕl′ə-nər, -nôr′) 1122?-1204.
Queen of France (1137-1152) and England (1152-1204). Her marriage to Louis VII of France was annulled in 1152, and shortly afterward she married Henry II of England.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

(ˈɛlɪnə; -ˌnɔː)
(Biography) ?1122–1204, queen of France (1137–52) by her marriage to Louis VII and queen of England (1154–89) by her marriage to Henry II; mother of the English kings Richard I and John

El′ea•nor of Aq′uitaine

(ˈɛl ə nər, -ˌnɔr)
1122?–1204, queen of Louis VII of France 1137–52; queen of Henry II of England 1154–89.
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Noun1.Eleanor of Aquitaine - queen of France as the wife of Louis VII; that marriage was annulled in 1152 and she then married Henry II and became Queen of England (1122-1204)
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In the play, Henry invites his estranged wife Eleanor of Aquitane and his three sons, Richard, Geoffrey and John, to spend Christmas with him, his mistress Princess Alais and her brother, the young King Philip of France.
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