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A little while ago I received a letter from Liz Read, Deputy Electorial Registration Officer, telling me that each year she needs to check that the right people are registered to vote at each address in the city.
Fidel era solo una referencia arqueologica, pero la confrontacion con Estados Unidos seguia siendo un tema vigente, aunque habia declinado un poco en los ultimos ocho anos, y ahora con la victoria electorial de Donald Trump, es probable que esta parte del icono antiimperialista se reanime y siga siendo un recurso simbolico util para la izquierda en America Latina.
Trump received 290 votes under the Electorial College system, while Clinton won 228 votes.
The American National Election Studies, the ANES Guide to Public Opinion and Electorial Behavior, Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan, Center for Political Studies, www.
TOP Tory Owen Paterson was last night reported to police after allegedly breaching electorial rules.
Anyone, provided they are on the electorial register, can become a registered supporter, pay PS3 to have a vote to decide our next leader.
Ann Marie Crozier, Deputy Principal of the college, said it was TUSC's prerogative to take the matter up with the Electorial Commission it they wanted to.
Critique: The collaborative editorial work of Gabriel Goodliffe (International Relations and Political Economy, Institute Technologico Autonomo de Mexico) and Riccardo Brizzi (Contemporary History, Department of Political and Social Science, University of Bologna), "France After 2012" is a compilation of twelve seminal articles deftly organized into three major sections: The Presidency; The Political Parties; The Electorial Campaign and Hollande's Challenges.
The successive electorial victories of the the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has enabled the party to limit the military apparatus' (Turkish Armed Forces) mission as the defense of the State, rather than the control of society.
The huge social, economic, health and well-being benefits of the pass are at risk, politicians of all parties need to understand that they attack the bus pass at their electorial peril
Also a strike is doomed to failure - it is evident that the Government is ready to put its head on the block to preserve at least the appearance of adhering to its policy, particularly as there would appear to be electorial advantage in it.
A list of presidential candidates published by the Special Electorial Court showed Rajoelina, who came to power in a 2009 coup, among the 41 approved candidates for the July 24 vote.