Electric candle

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A modification of the electric arc lamp, in which the carbon rods, instead of being placed end to end, are arranged side by side, and at a distance suitable for the formation of the arc at the tip; - called also, from the name of the inventor, Jablockoff candle.
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Family Service features stories, music and electric candle lighting to the song "Silent Night." The 8 p.m.
Father Tom, a retired Missionary of Africa, prepares the makeshift altar, a round cafeteria table decorated with a white cloth and an electric candle. Susan, our piano player, sets up a broken keyboard stand on the linoleum floor and decides which hymns we'll sing.
On Saturday, hundreds attended a quayside ceremony at which local Fishermen's Mission Superintendent Matthew Ramsay switched on an electric candle.
The one in the kitchen is for candles and the one in the dining room has electric candle bulbs.
An order was placed with The Electric Candle Company in New Orleans, but this was hit by freak hurricanes at the end of 2005.
Family Service will be led by Steve Cooper, director of religious education, and features family-friendly stories, music and electric candle lighting to the song "Silent Night."
When the electric candle is lit at the memorial service tonight, the grieving community can but hope that its light does not burn in the harbour for long.
Half of women surveyed during The Sheilas' Wheels Home Insurance study called the shower radio 'pointless' while 41 per cent labelled the electric candle 'ridiculous'
We have a single, electric candle in each window, and a spotlight illuminating the entire facade of the house.
I played Scrooge, dressed in a nightshirt and holding an electric candle. Very exciting.