short circuit

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short circuit

A low-resistance connection between two points in an electric circuit through which the current tends to flow rather than along the intended path. A short circuit can damage the circuit by overheating.
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short circuit

(Electronics) a faulty or accidental connection between two points of different potential in an electric circuit, bypassing the load and establishing a path of low resistance through which an excessive current can flow. It can cause damage to the components if the circuit is not protected by a fuse
1. (Electronics) to develop or cause to develop a short circuit
2. (tr) to bypass (a procedure, regulation, etc)
3. (tr) to hinder or frustrate (plans, etc)
Sometimes (for senses 1, 2) shortened to: short
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short′ cir′cuit

an abnormal condition of relatively low resistance between two points of differing potential in a circuit, usu. resulting in a flow of excess current.


a. to make (a switch, etc.) inoperable by establishing a short circuit in.
b. to carry (a current) as a short circuit.
2. to bypass, impede, or frustrate.
3. to form or become disabled by a short circuit.
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short circuit

A path that allows most of the current in an electric circuit to flow around or away from the principal elements or devices in the circuit. Short circuits can cause too much current to flow through one part of the circuit, often causing the circuit to break.
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Noun1.short circuit - accidental contact between two points in an electric circuit that have a potential difference
circuit, electric circuit, electrical circuit - an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow
tangency, contact - (electronics) a junction where things (as two electrical conductors) touch or are in physical contact; "they forget to solder the contacts"
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عُطل تَماس
krátké spojenízkrat
krátke spojenie
kısa devre

short circuit

n (Elec) → cortocircuito
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(ʃoːt) adjective
1. not long. You look nice with your hair short; Do you think my dress is too short?
2. not tall; smaller than usual. a short man.
3. not lasting long; brief. a short film; in a very short time; I've a very short memory for details.
4. not as much as it should be. When I checked my change, I found it was 20 cents short.
5. (with of) not having enough (money etc). Most of us are short of money these days.
6. (of pastry) made so that it is crisp and crumbles easily.
1. suddenly; abruptly. He stopped short when he saw me.
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shorts noun plural
short trousers for men or women.
ˈshortbread noun
a kind of crisp, crumbling biscuit.
ˌshort-ˈchange verb
to cheat (a buyer) by giving him too little change.
short circuit the missing out by an electric current of a part of an electrical circuit (verb ˌshort-ˈcircuit)
ˈshortcoming noun
a fault.
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a quicker way between two places. I'm in a hurry – I'll take a shortcut across the field.
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a method of writing rapidly, using strokes, dots etc to represent sounds.
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An electrical short circuit was pointed as the cause of fire.
Director of Civil Defense in the province, Brigadier Samir al-Moussawi told NINA news agency that the fire brigades in the department managed to control the fire which broke out in four electrical control switches as a result of an electrical short circuit, in addition to the control and storage hall.
The cause of fire is still unknown,, however it is suspected that it could have been caused by an electrical short circuit.
A fire believed to have been caused by an electrical short circuit gutted down at least 24 homes, mostly made of semi-concrete and light materials, in Barangay Poblacion, Kidapawan City on Monday.
At least 10 miners were trapped more than a kilometre underground after a fire started by an electrical short circuit in the mine on Sunday.
"The cause of the fire was due to electrical short circuit, following their electrical routing.
Police said that initial cause of fire has been ascertained to be an electrical short circuit while further investigation into the incident was underway.
A police official said a electrical short circuit may have caused the fire.
The inmates lost their household articles and grain stocks to the fire, reportedly caused by an electrical short circuit.
Investigators said the blaze, which started at 5:30 p.m., could have been due to an electrical short circuit.
The Secretary-General of Presidency of the Republic, Mohamed Mohamed Salih said in a press statement that blaze erupsted at few number of offices at the second flour due to an electrical short .
The incident was found to be an "electrical short circuit" and the fire service said no fire had taken place.

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