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Tenders are invited for construction of cc drain from new sharaff bazar to electrical transformer near coconut shop in ward no.
He pointed out that the preliminary investigations of the accident indicated that the cause of the accident was an electric short circuit in an electrical transformer in the basement area.
Global Electric Transformer Market 2015-2019 research report says growing significance of renewable power generation will spur growth in the electrical transformer market for next few years with ABB Ltd.
The fire erupted inside an auxiliary electrical transformer.
The electrical transformer blaze also resulted in the hospitalization of a 28-year-old man for smoke inhalation, CNN reports.
Overall electrical transformer market size, 2007-2018
The source added that another armed terrorist group detonated the electrical transformer at a drinking water well on Ariqa-Dama road bordering Daraa province, causing the project to go out of service.
The pouring of concrete slab in the ablution block and 40 per cent of the mosque's outer walls has also been completed, while the electrical transformer room is ready to be set by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).
As part of the transaction, Lydall will continue to produce these electrical papers in its Green Island, NY facility as a contract manufacturer for up to two years and has committed to a license of know-how and a non-compete agreement in the electrical transformer industry.
It was caused by oil from an electrical transformer which caught fire.
1831: Michael Faraday successfully demonstrated the first electrical transformer at the Royal Institute, London.
The quake caused a fire in an electrical transformer in the nonreactor area and a leak of radioactive water into the sea.

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