a.1.(Physics) Pertaining to the movements or force of electric or galvanic currents; dependent on electric force.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Beoplay E8 comes with a 5.7mm electro-dynamic speaker with 16 Ohm impedance and a 20-10,000 Hz frequency range, according to(https://www.engadget.com/2017/08/31/b-and-o-play-e8-bluetooth-earbuds/) Engadget .
Since RRM shaft movement occurs as a result of the magnetic field of the stator to the rotor, it is necessary to assess the effect on the electro-dynamic performance parameters RRM its mathematical model.
Alternating current flows in the electrical circuit, which includes copper windings of the coil segments, generating the resultant electro-dynamic force, which sets the coil segments into motion along their axis.
Ageing processes are caused by dielectric, chemical, thermal and electro-dynamic stresses.
But Andre Marie Ampere, a French mathematician who devoted himself to the study of electricity, was the first to explain the electro-dynamic theory.
Since this 1996 collaboration with ENMO has made a unique expertise available in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg in the disciplines of Noise and Vibration Engineering, Electro-dynamic shakers, Machine Condition Measurements and Safety Monitoring.
Electro-dynamic exciters, first introduced in 1946, gradually began replacing mechanical exciters.
7 Electro-dynamic Drawings: Andrew Deutsch and Stephen Vitiello
Among the topics are wave packets as a model of localized disturbances propagating along cables, a system for measuring a child's foot pressure on a shoe sole, laboratory research on energy harvesting of ionic polymer metal composites, predicting the shape of non-ferrous pipe elements processed by electro-dynamic forming, and analyzing the dependence between stress change and resonance frequency for self-excited acoustical systems.
The new system provides increased capacity and is based on the LDS V8 electro-dynamic shaker, and can operate in horizontal or vertical orientation.

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