a.1.Of or pertaining to electro-kinetics.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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By looking at the electro-kinetic potential of the clays we can select the reagents and equipment needed.
Dawood bin Ahmed bin Hamoud al-Mahrooqi (PhD student in Petroleum Engineering at the Imperial College) won the first place for his project "Understanding the Rate of Water Injection in the Ionic Carbonate Rocks" as one of the methods used to enhance oil recovery using electro-kinetic measurements.
The V-Life system is an electrochemical and electro-kinetic mechanism which is applied to the topside end of the umbilical and has since been deployed by a number of operators.
Thakur, "Instability of circularly polarized electro-kinetic waves in magnetized ion-implanted semiconductor plasmas," European Physical Journal D, vol.
The rheological and electro-kinetic properties of the liposomes were studied using a controlled-stress rheometer and particle sizer.
The scientific name for the technique is rapid electro-kinetic patterning.
With Disruptor PAC, the retention of the powdered activated carbon is accomplished through electro-kinetic adsorption by the nanoalumina fibers in the product, not with binders or adhesives.
(Individual works have cropped up previously here and there, but their impact is hardly equivalent.) Here, an array of interconnected "electro-kinetic" devices arranged around the exhibition space not only generated the centrally located video's imagery and sound, but were fascinating in their own right, sending viewers shuttling back and forth between screen and wall as they attempted to divine which moving part or static circuit was responsible for which visual simulation or aural effect.
This review summarizes the current status of micro-fabricated DC and AC electro-kinetic devices.
When entering the electrode region, their transport is governed by electrode-controlled electro-kinetic forces, steering them toward the center of the middle electrode.
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