n.1.The act or art precipitating a metal electro-chemical action, by which a coating is deposited, on a prepared surface, as in electroplating and electrotyping; galvanoplasty.
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Working at the frontiers of geothermal resources development, minerals extraction and electro-metallurgy the project aims at converting ultra-deep metallic mineral formations into an orebody-EGS that will serve as a basis for the development of a new type of facility for Combined Heat, Power and Metal extraction (CHPM).
They cover electrical machines, electrical drives, and electromechanical systems; power electronics; the engineering of industrial electricity systems; thermo-energetic systems; engineering management in energy; electro-technologies in electro-metallurgy; mechatronics; and researching and designing in mechanical engineering.
Ural-Siberian metallurgy company directed an obligatory offer of buyback of shares they hold to minority shareholders of Chelyabinsk electro-metallurgy company and Kuznetskie Ferro-alloys.
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