a.1.Pertaining to electrometry; made by means of an electrometer; as, an electrometrical experiment.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The samples were analyzed for 16 physico-chemical parameters namely odour, taste, colour, turbidity, pH(Electro-metric method, pH meter), EC (Electro-metric method), TDS (By Factor), Total Alkalinity, Chloride (Argenoto metric method) Calcium, Magnesium, Total Hardness using Titrimetric method, Sulphate, Nitrate, Fluoride, using spectrophotometer and Na & K using Flame photometric method following standard procedures of APHA, 1995 [1].
Taking a different approach to hybrid antennas is Electro-Metric's EM-6104, which covers 20 MHz to 18 GHz.
FOR MORE INFORMATION Enter www.rsleads.com/710ee-XXX ARA Technologies LPB-3030 Antenna 176 AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation AT5080 Antenna 177 Com-Power AHA-118 Active Horn Antenna 178 Credence Technologies/3M Miniature Broadband Antennas 179 Dynamic Sciences International R-1155-10A Antenna Kit 180 Electro-Metrics EM-6104 Hybrid Antenna 181 ETS-Lindgren 3140B BiConiLog Antenna 182 Sunol Sciences JB36 Antenna 183 Teseq CBL 6144 BiLog Antenna 184
A portable kit of antennas intended for cellular telephone applications in the Nordic 450, AMPS and TACS bands has been introduced by Electro-Metrics (Johnstown, NY).
Electro-Metrics, 231 Enterprise Rd., Johnstown, NY 12095 Phone: 518-762-2600 Fax: 518-762-2812 Email: info@electro-metrics.com Web: www.electro-metrics.com
Electro-Metrics, 231 Enterprise Rd., Johnstown, NY 1209 Phone: 518-762-2600 Fax: 518-762-2812 Email: info@electro-metrics.com Web: www.electro-metrics.com
Electro-Metrics was founded in 1963 to design a series of instruments for automation of electromagnetic interference measurement.
In early 1990, Electro-Metrics undertook an aggressive growth plan to broaden its activities in the various communications product areas.
The new standards Will help everyone," said Stephen Erickson, engineering manager at Electro-Metrics. The company makes Tempest test receivers.
While Iverson predicted that in three to five years the Tempest marketplace "will be down to about five suppliers," other spokesmen - such as those for Candes/Radiation Sciences, Hughes and Electro-Metrics claimed their companies were in good position to adapt to the new standards and the marketplace they will create by virtue of past experience with varying levels of Tempest.
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