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n.1.(Physiol.) That branch of physiology which treats of electric phenomena produced through physiological agencies; it is especially concerned with electrical impulses generated by and conducted between nerves.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In a bid to prepare grounds for Sharif's treatment abroad, Mazhar Iqbal told the house that electro-physiology facility was not available in any health facility in Pakistan.
De Bruyn, a cardiologist now affiliated with Central Arkansas Cardiology Associates in Benton, has introduced electro-physiology as a new service at Saline Memorial.
The researchers and specialists from all over the country participated in the conference while an ECG workshop was carried out by Dr Hafiz Abdul Manan Shahid from Institute of Cardiology, Electro-physiology department,Panjab University, Lahore.
"It's typically associated with other medical problems such as high blood pressure, heart valve problems and scarring fibrosis in the atrium, all of which also increase with age," explains Noel Gerard Boyle, MD, PhD, director of the cardiac electro-physiology labs at the UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center.
He said that theme of this conference is to develop the field of Cardiac Pacing and Clinical Electro-physiology in the region and especially in Pakistan where the field is evolving very rapidly.
Due to the absence of any complaint of performing the daily activities further researches including electro-physiology study were not conducted.
"There is an alarming underrepresentation of women in electro-physiology," said Professor Ellen Hoffmann, member of the EPIC Alliance steering committee.
South San Francisco, Calif.-based VistaGen Therapeutics (OTCQB: VSTA), a biotechnology company applying stem cell technology for drug rescue, and Duke University said they will collaborate on the development of cardiac stem cell technology, electro-physiology and tissue engineering.
Among the protocols are the cardiac function, arch, electro-physiology ablation, and anomalous coronaries.
Our sample consisted of the following key stakeholders--professionals in the field: Professors of Cardiology, Cardiologists, the Directors of the Division of Cardiology, Hospitals' Chief Executive Officers, Hospitals' Administrators, Hospitals' Financial Directors, as well as Cardiovascular and Electro-physiology Laboratory Chief Nurses.
Stevenson, director of the clinical cardiac electro-physiology program at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, and cochairman of the expert panel.
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