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An instrument used in the diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders that produces an audio or visual record of the electrical activity of a skeletal muscle by means of an electrode inserted into the muscle or placed on the skin.

e·lec′tro·my′o·graph′ic adj.
e·lec′tro·my′o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
e·lec′tro·my·og′ra·phy (-mī-ŏg′rə-fē) n.
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(Medicine) med a technique for recording the electrical activity of muscles: used in the diagnosis of nerve and muscle disorders
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A diagnostic method of examining the electrical activity of the muscles using metal probes that are inserted into the muscles.
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Noun1.electromyography - diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders with the use of an electromyograph
diagnostic procedure, diagnostic technique - a procedure followed in making a medical diagnosis
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n. electromiografía.
1. grabación de la actividad eléctrica generada en un músculo para uso de diagnóstico;
2. estudio de laboratorio sobre electrodiagnóstico que incluye no sólo la electromiografía sino también estudios sobre la conducción de los nervios.
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electromyography (EMG)

n electromiografía (EMG)
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Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) Market Research By Treatment (Intravenous Immunoglobulin, Corticosteroids, Plasmapheresis (Plasma Exchange), Physiotherapy, Others), Diagnosis (Electrodiagnostic Testing, Nerve Conduction, EMG, Spinal Fluid Analysis, Others), By Route of Administration (Intravenous, Oral, Others), By End User (Hospitals, Specialty Neurological Clinics, Research & Academic Laboratories, Others) and Top Regions Forecast till 2023.
Nine patients with a clinical diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome were enrolled in PAVmed's FIH clinical safety study and underwent preoperative testing, including electrodiagnostic testing, according to the study protocol developed in collaboration with the FDA.
Diagnosis of a concurrent polyneuropathy in this case was presumably attributed to the electrodiagnostic testing, which showed a "mixed axonal demyelinating polyneuropathy." Given that the polyneuropathy attributed to cobalamin deficiency is classically an axonal polyneuropathy, we take great interest in the report of a primary demyelinating component to this patient's polyneuropathy.
Small fiber neuropathy is a sensory neuropathy manifested usually by painful paresthesias, along with findings of abnormal small fiber nerve function seen on neurological examination, specialized electrodiagnostic testing, and/or pathological studies.
The issues in this arbitration are the Applicants unpaid bills for evaluations and electrodiagnostic testing, denied by the Respondent based on the Applicants failure to cooperate for an examination under oath.