magnetic levitation

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magnetic levitation

The use of magnetic fields to suspend an object above another object without solid mechanical support. A well-known practical application is a high-speed train. Also called maglev.

magnet′ic levita′tion

the suspension of an object above or below a second object by means of magnetic repulsion or attraction.
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Noun1.magnetic levitation - high-speed rail technologymagnetic levitation - high-speed rail technology; train is suspended on a magnetic cushion above a magnetized track and so travels free of friction
rail technology, railroading - the activity of designing and constructing and operating railroads
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So, the electromagnetic levitation force is expressed as follows:
Application of electromagnetic levitation for investigation of reactions between the gas and the molten metal ensures creation of the environment, which does not contain contaminators, without using a crucible or a substrate, obtaining of a big contact surface and efficient mixing of the molten metal, that enables quick achievement of equilibrium in the gas-liquid system.
The expression of electromagnetic levitation force depends on the shape of non --magnetic grains (spheres, revolution ellipsoids, cubes, cones, double cones, tetrahedrons) and on their orientation with respect to the coordinate axes.

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