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The work builds into cells the same logic gates found in electronic computers and creates a method to create circuits by "rewiring" communications between cells.
recount the origin and development of electronic computers, with an initial chapter on how people have sought and found mechanical aids to computation through the ages.
While R&D budgets of a number of the industries that are major users of chips, such as Electronic Computers and Computer Communications Equipment will likely decrease, other related industries, such as Computer & Office Equipment and Computer Peripheral Equipment are expected to spend more on R&D.
Even so, it takes sophisticated lab equipment to extract results from the nanocomputers, so they're unlikely to outdo silicon-based electronic computers, says Shapiro.
The first electronic computers, built in the 1940s, could only do simple calculations.
Playing human computers, students solved a series of challenging math problems without using electronic computers.
This week Team Concepts is offering Sunday News readers the chance to win two fabulous children's electronic computers.

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