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Noun1.electronic musical instrument - a musical instrument that generates sounds electronicallyelectronic musical instrument - a musical instrument that generates sounds electronically
electric organ, electronic organ, Hammond organ, organ - (music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ
musical instrument, instrument - any of various devices or contrivances that can be used to produce musical tones or sounds
synthesiser, synthesizer - (music) an electronic instrument (usually played with a keyboard) that generates and modifies sounds electronically and can imitate a variety of other musical instruments
theremin - an electronic musical instrument; melodies can be played by moving the right hand between two rods that serve as antennas to control pitch; the left hand controls phrasing
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Within the context of the Moments at the Museum series, Dr Nasa Theraponos will guide participants into creating new sounds by crafting and then playing DIY electronic musical instruments. This imaginative initiative is addressed to young people eager to create and stand out in a crowd.
Handcrafted in Japan from all-natural wood, it is a collaboration between Roland Corp., a manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments, and Japanese furniture designer Karimoku.
The fusion of classical and modern interpretations with the latest electronic musical instruments rendering Vivaldi's original scores captured the audience with breathtaking performances of the live orchestra.
We are thrilled to honor Chiho and the VH1 Save The Music Foundation with Casios Leadership in Music Education Award, said Stephen Schmidt, Vice President of Casios Electronic Musical Instruments Division.
ShoreTel (NASDAQ; SHOR) that leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments Roland Corp.
From there it was just a small step to building synthesisers and other electronic musical instruments. Then, the Beatles, of course.
The range at Reliance Digital spans, Audio and Video products (TV's, DVD players, Car Audio players), Electronic Musical Instruments and Digital Cameras, Gaming Consoles, Computers and Peripherals, Mobile and Fixed line instruments, Durables like, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Water Purifiers, Kitchen and Home Appliances.
Prizes include cash and electronic musical instruments.
Principal products of $5.6 billion Japanese consumer electronics major include electronic calculators, digital cameras, electronic dictionaries, digital watches, analog watches, clocks, electronic musical instruments and label printers.
The Termenvox, invented by the Russian scientist Lev Termen in 1920, was the first of a number of electro-acoustic instruments to be constructed in Russia, which paved the way for the later development of electronic musical instruments and the exploration of musical sound.
Information about the distance, speed and direction of this movement is translated into a digital code (MIDI) which is understood by a wide proliferation of electronic musical instruments. The system incorporates several principal control parameters.

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