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Services include data backup, electronic software distribution, automated updates, virus protection and more.
DIGITAL RIVER executive vice president Jay Kerutis on consolidation among electronic software distribution outsourcers: "I used to have this big list of all our competitors.
-- Electronic software distribution -- installs and removes applications on remote Linux systems
C-Dilla also markets security products for the Internet and the electronic software distribution market.
eSynch Corporation specializes in proprietary Internet utilities and electronic software distribution.
Internet commerce revenue, including electronic software distribution, grew to over 20% of overall revenue, more than double the same quarter a year ago.
"The model for electronic software distribution was slow to mature," says Walker, who saw tremendous opportunity in online sales.
For example, Electronic Software Distribution (ESD)--particularly for large files--is ideal for usage pricing because the IT manager accurately meters the amount of FTP software downloads, as opposed to paying a flat monthly rate for a high-capacity circuit, such as a T3, to increase performance.

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