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Convergent is a hybrid, minimally invasive cardiac operation that combines the expertise of electrophysiologists (heart rhythm specialists) and cardiovascular surgeons in a single procedure to treat -- and hopefully even cure -- Atrial Fibrillation.
We remain committed to building upon this platform to further aid electrophysiologists (EP's) in diagnosing complex arrhythmias and allowing them to tailor therapies to deliver improved clinical outcomes for their patients, said Edward Kerslake, Chief Executive Officer of Topera, Inc.
The Intellatip Mifi XP is a unique high resolution catheter which provides information that allows electrophysiologists to pinpoint locations for ablation, a key element needed for success," said Tom McElderry, M.
Addressing our clients' needs we developed a highly realistic module, providing a cost effective and efficient training solution for one of the most crucial skills required of electrophysiologists," said Ms.
That compares well with real-world results from radiofrequency ablation by electrophysiologists.
Electrophysiologists say that patients with pacing devices can use iPods--and be around others who are using them--as long as the devices are kept away from the patient's chest.
Evidence of the hospital's ability to keep up stems from its electrophysiologists - cardiologists with specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm problems.
He cautions that the defect itself can be difficult to detect, even by the most experienced electrophysiologists, and that serious damage to other tissues could occur during treatment.
a leading electrophysiologist in Norfolk VA, and one of four electrophysiologists at Sentara collaborating in the trial.
DALLAS, March 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Get in Rhythm, Stay in Rhythm Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference will bring together electrophysiologists, surgeons, and other specialists to help patients, their families, and caregivers learn more about atrial fibrillation, a condition that currently affects more than 5 million Americans and will impact many more in the future.
Using electrograms captured with the FIRMap panoramic contact-mapping basket catheter, the RhythmView Workstation provides electrophysiologists with a dynamic representation of the electrical activity of the heart.
The combination, part of the 2012 Rhythmia Medical acquisition, is designed to provide electrophysiologists with accurate, high-resolution electro-anatomical maps.