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Noun1.stun baton - a weapon designed to disable a victim temporarily by delivering a nonlethal high-voltage electric shockstun baton - a weapon designed to disable a victim temporarily by delivering a nonlethal high-voltage electric shock
weapon, weapon system, arm - any instrument or instrumentality used in fighting or hunting; "he was licensed to carry a weapon"
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Thomas Galloway, 30, told police he carried the electroshock weapon due to fears for his safety as he went through Ardoyne in North Belfast.
Contract awarded for Electroshock weapon hunryeonbok (120 sets) buy
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Shawwal 8, 1436, Jul 24, 2015, SPA -- A former Canadian law enforcement officer who was in charge when police used an electroshock weapon on a Polish immigrant, causing his death has been given a two-year jail term for perjury during a public inquiry into the incident.
Colonel Khaled Saeed Al Shamesi, Head of Security Support Department at the Abu Dhabi Police, explained that the Taser electroshock weapon, which is based on techniques that momentarily paralyse body movement, is an advanced option to subdue wanted criminals.
Finally, the officer managed to separate himself from the desperate suspect, get out his Taser and shoot the electroshock weapon at him.
A Taser is a hand-held electroshock weapon sold by Taser International.
She said that no one was spared from being attacked with the electroshock weapon and that several security personnel were taken to a hospital as a result of the attack.
Despite criticism from anti-Taser campaigners, who say the weapon is potentially fatal, the Police Federation is pushing for all frontline officers to be armed with the electroshock weapon.
The Metropolitan Police also denied a taser electroshock weapon had been "deployed" by one of their officers in the aftermath of the attack on Mr Diarrassouba, after footage emerged on YouTube of tension between police and the crowd at the crime scene.
Emad said that the stung guns, an electroshock weapon that stuns people into submission, are a hot item in Cairo's informal arms bazzar.
This includes two convictions for possession of heroin, possession of an electroshock weapon and producing class C drugs and by not paying his rent.
1: A firearm reduced the use of force tools: electroshock weapon basic and supplementary fixtures and accessories.