electrostatic precipitator

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electrostat′ic precip′itator

a device for removing small particles of dust, smoke, etc., from air by means of electrically charged screens and plates.
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Noun1.electrostatic precipitator - removes dust particles from gases by electrostatic precipitation
electrical device - a device that produces or is powered by electricity
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particles with a mechanical filter, but Euromate has a complementary system, called SFE, in which an electrostatic filter captures the smaller grease and
Contract award notice: Installation of solid pollutant separator in Hlinsko heating plant (reduction of TZL content from original 250 mg / m to a new value up to 20 mg / m) - technology with electrostatic exhaust filter (complete delivery of electrostatic filter including switchboard, cabling, other necessary components and installation Installation of steel structure for newly installed electrofilter in the heating plant hall, new floor with sufficient load capacity for electrofilter.
FILTRATION Highly specialized media fi1ter for the filtration at different liquids, electrostatic filter for air filtration components for water bio filtration.
The electrostatic filter of the projectors lasts up to 10,000 hours, while the easy-access E-TORL lamp gives up to 4,000 hours of light, according to a statement.
The PowerLite D6150, D6155W and D6250 offer high brightness and exceptional picture quality with a dust resistant design, a 10,000 hour(2) electrostatic filter and lamp life of 5,000 hours(3) for a low total cost of ownership.
Among these are a unique lamp drive system for up to 5,000 hours of maximum brightness, an Auto Rolling Filter that detects airflow reduction and automatically advances a clean electrostatic filter material over the air intake port when needed, and Daylight View 4 image processing, which includes Edge Enhancement to improve detail clarity.
Or have a professional install an electrostatic filter that's connected to your ductwork ($700 to $1,500).
The new line, which utilizes an electrostatic filter, offers faster cleaning power than prior models and 25 percent more "particle capture rate over the previous series," the spokeswoman said.
The third type of filter is the electrostatic filter, which is efficient when clean but less efficient as it becomes dirty.
This gives particles a stronger charge that leads to higher electrostatic filter efficiency and optimizes the functioning of the ionization chamber that now traps an even larger number of airborne particles.
A good, pleated electrostatic filter that replaces the ordinary fiberglass filters standard in most central heating units can provide reasonably good filtration for a very small price, about $10 to $15 (these filters must be changed periodically).
Efficient HVAC systems with high amounts of filtered outdoor air using electrostatic filter enhancement.

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