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n.1.The act or the process of making electrotypes.
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Our scientific chief had discovered a process something like what is called electrotyping nowadays, as I imagine.
At the same time as electroplating, a related process was developed known as electrotyping which, instead of depositing a thin skin of metal, allowed a whole object to be grown in the plating vat.
In 1858 Hermann Berthold (died 1904) established an electrotyping plant in Berlin, to which he added a typefoundry.
Leather-dressing, coach-making, boiler-making, rope-twisting, distilling, sign-painting, lime-burning, cotton-picking, electroplating, electrotyping, stereotyping,
By the 1890s it consisted of eight departments: Printing, Binding, Electrotyping and Stereotyping, Periodicals, Book Publishing Subscription Books, Wholesale Book and Bible Department, and the Retail Bookstore.
In fact, considering Harpers' reliance on electrotyping over stereotyping by the mid 1850s (Gaskell 206), the plates for Inez were probably electrotype, rather than stereotype.