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The present management, however, intends to cut this amount with better planning and early purchase," ELEM said.
Headed towards expanding the portfolio of renewable sources, ELEM continues to realize the second stage of the project Parc of Veterans in Bogdanci, and the third stage of the project for revitalization of existing hydro power plants, as well as the ongoing preparatory activities for the project for regulating the water in River Vardar through optimal use of waters from Hydro Power Plant Raven to the accumulation Kozjak.
Together with Elem Iwaki, Elem Sendai's state-of-the-art simulators will allow up to 25,000 visiting school students from the Tohoku region to spend a day making important life choices as adult citizens.
Elem benefits from a certain kind of accessibility; distinct pieces that could fit into a cross-section of wardrobes.
In the past year, AD ELEM completed all necessary international tender procedures for procurement of equipment and selection of contractors for the "Wind Park Bogdanci" Project, starting from construction of the necessary infrastructure to contractors for the wind power plants.
The price of electricity on the free market is 97 euros at the moment, which is twice the price that ELEM has on the regulated market.
ELEM is going to invest some 400-450 million euros in their implementation.
6/10 12721 Valley View, La Mirada 11am - 1pm Foster Road Elem.
AD ELEM isn't going to call for an electricity price increase since it has compensated for its loss accrued with the expensive power imports of January this year, made in response to the extremely low temperatures, with increased production, cheaper March and April imports and November and December 2016 exports, ELEM general manager Hristijan Mickoski said.
Macedonia made a decision the two projects to be realized through public-private partnership between ELEM and an interested foreign entity
After almost a month and a half of the last electricity import, AD ELEM announced a new tender for electricity supply.
Contract notice: Insurance of property and other insurances of JSC ELEM.