n.1.The condition of being composed of elements, or a thing so composed.
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My wager here is that it is precisely this kind of experiment that provides an occasion for speculating upon how the ontological elementality of infrastructures may be changing in the way that thinkers such as Alex Galloway and Eugene Thacker (2007) have outlined.
They cover 11 principles of the elements, pyromena: fire's doing, phlogiston, airy something, the sea above, muddy thinking, the quintessence of wit, wet, creeping things: spontaneous generation and material creativity, Earth's prospects, elementality, elemental relations at the edge, elemental love in the Anthropocene, and wandering elements and natures to come.
On the eighteenth-century relation of mixture and elementality see Chaouli, Laboratory of Poetry, 91-107, and on priority, discovery and paradigm formation see Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996), 52-57, and 69-72.
Once again, the elementality of the deterritorialized landscape seems to precipitate in gradations from a purity of space--sky, light, mountain, forest, desert and lake are condensations of twilit substance, so that we are not sure of what is what or whether it is all a mirage.
State" should have been sufficient, as it encompasses full elementality, whereas "quality" and "degree" look only to affects, attributes of that full-blooded beingness, that "state.
Exploring notions of abstraction through formal and material reductivism, it's a powerful statement, evoking timelessness, elementality and a connection with nature.
But it is a music that abandons the homophonic-melodic tradition of bourgeois humanism for the elementality of the equality of all tones--the triumph of dissonance which intends to usher in a new age that no longer distinguishes between culture and barbarism and sees reason and magic as one.
In this sense representation retains an essential elementality that it intensifies by repetition.
Still, this was not a merely virtuosic display; it was headlong, surging, but still musical in its elementality.
Whilst the Rock itself exercises agency, this is not a unidirectional relationship and humans push back against the rock's elementality just as the rock pushes against human inscription.
Monastic in its rigour and plainness, the new museum embodies a mastery of light and materials that seeks to reconnect with the elementality of art and nature.
Against the austere elementality of the concrete caverns, small yet well considered details provide flashes of colour and articulation.