Elephant Butte

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El′ephant Butte′

a dam and irrigation reservoir in SW New Mexico, on the Rio Grande. Dam, 309 ft. (94 m) high.
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Commercial harvest in Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico (a 16, 327 ha reservoir) was thought to have increased smallmouth buffalo growth rates and make age-5 individuals more vulnerable to commercial harvest (Jester, 1973).
Texas' complaint against New Mexico began in 2014 and alleges New Mexico is withdrawing upstream supplies in excess of the 1938 Rio Grande compact by allowing not only surface water diversions but also allowing groundwater pumping, which is hydrologically connected to the Rio Grande downstream of Elephant Butte reservoir in New Mexico.
The Compact requires Colorado to deliver a specified amount of water annually to New Mexico at the state line and directs New Mexico to deliver a specified amount of water to the Elephant Butte Reservoir.
of Boise, Idaho Amount: $2,399,730.90 Project: Elephant Butte swelling clay reconstruction U.S.
Before reaching Texas, the Rio Grande collects at New Mexico's Elephant Butte Reservoir, which is currently just 13 percent full.
The MRG includes the portion of the Rio Grande rift valley between Cochiti Dam, near Santa Fe, and Elephant Butte Reservoir, near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (Archdeacon et al., 2015).
water to the Rio Grande Project at the Elephant Butte Reservoir, located
The only thing we don't have is an ocean--although Elephant Butte Lake might do in a pinch!
The highest point in the park is Elephant Butte, which is 5,653 feet high.
They are located in Cave Creek, Arizona in the foothills of Black Mountain, Skull Mesa, and Elephant Butte. “Our dream,” says Sarah Hope, “is to make sure that every bride and groom has a memorable, unique, and perfect day, without having to spend thousands of dollars to do so.”
A man died after his vehicle washed into a ravine covered in mud near the Elephant Butte dam, probably on Friday during flooding, said Sgt Emmanuel Gutierrez of New Mexico State Police.