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The forest is also home to golden-rumped elephant shrew, elephant shrew the size of a rabbit, which is the most noticeable of the park's endemic mammals.
The female elephant shrew might be 300 times smaller than a lion, but the world's fastest smallest mammal can leave them in their dust.
And that's not all; the small five, which include Elephant Shrew, Buffalo Weaver and Leopard Tortoise among others, can also be found there.
Caption: Elephant shrew noses, as on this Rhynchocyon petersi, aren't true trunks but wiggle well.
The only thing that will be crawling will be your skin as the first programme features the extraordinary elephant shrew, aka the sengi, who can run faster on its little legs than a cheetah.
Also featured tonight is Africa's elephant shrew, a tiny mammal which employs speed to keep away from predators by following a meticulously constructed series of tiny racetracks in the Savannah.
Hidden Kingdoms Series that looks closely at the world of small creatures like the elephant shrew and grasshopper mouse, which can see off venomous scorpions.
The following insectivores are likely declining: the moonrat and masked palm civet found in Malaysia (Pasoh Forest Reserve), the banded mongoose, four-toed elephant shrew and checkered elephant shrew found in Tanzania (Udzungwa), the northern tamandua found in Costa Rica (Volcan Barva) and large tree shrew found in Indonesia (Bukit Barisan).
It also has several endemic mammal species, including the intriguingly named golden-rumped elephant shrew, Ader's duiker a miniature, critically endangered antelope--and the Sokoke bushy-tailed mongoose, which no doubt feasts on the array of reptilian delicacies found here.
For sensitive sightseers, Virginia recommends the ant lion, the elephant shrew, the leopard tortoise, the rhino beetle and the buffalo weaver (a bird).
Researchers may have discovered a previously unknown species of the giant elephant shrew - a small mammal with a nose like a trunk - in a remote Kenyan forest.
And a total of 349 species have been found since 1992, such as the elephant shrew in Tanzania, it said.